Logo & Artwork Information

Requirements for Creative Promotional Products

A design is a combination of words and drawings which is integrated in a manner so that it can enhance creativity and exquisiteness through innovative ideas whereas graphics are a visual presentation of images in print media.

Vector Files

EPS (Encapsulated Post-Script), AI (Adobe illustrator) & PDF (Portable Document Format)

To be able to get the best results when printing your logo or design onto your desired product, we need your file to be sent to us in a Vector format, this will help us ensure your logo or design is printed with precision and accuracy (as shown in the image above).

Bitmap / Raster Files

JPEG, TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), PDF (Portable Document Format)

For digital four colour process prints, we ask that you send us a file where the image is no less than 300+DPI or a High-Resolution file and saved in a CMYK colour format as well.

PMS Colours & Fonts

When sending the files of your Logo’s or Images you want to be printed, please remember to also specify any specific PMS (Pantone Matching System) Colours as well as the different types of FONTS you would like to or need to use. This will ensure that we get it right the first time.

Artwork Procedure

Whether you are printing, embroidering, engraving or embossing your design or logo, we will always make sure you are satisfied with the artwork by providing you with either a mock-up or a finished sample (depending on your quantity) so that you can check the size, positioning, colours, fonts and see what the finished product will roughly look like (mock-ups are an indication only, colours, shades and tones may vary slightly on your computer image or print out to the finished product) to ensure you receive creative promotional products. We then ask you to approve it all by signing and sending back the artwork approval form we send with your mock-up or sample either via email or fax. We require this before we proceed with your order.

We can only provide you with a mock-up if we have access to product images and your required artwork. However, if you’re unable to provide us with a vector file of your required artwork we will then have to redraw your design which will incur an $80p/hr charge (timing will depend on the complexity of the artwork, sourcing PMS colours and fonts, etc).

Please Note: If you don’t have a copy of the fonts or don’t know the PMS colours that are needed to redraw your logo we will either choose a font / pick a colour that is closest or most similar to match your artwork. But we will still require your approval for your creative promotional products before we can proceed with the order. However, when choosing the font we might be required to purchase it, which will then be added to your final invoice.

Enhancement Options

Die Stamping

Usually used on metal products like stainless steel or similar products. Like blocking, a metal die is pressure stamped onto your product leaving an impression of your design. It can be left plain or filled with colour. This is a specialised process hence the use of the application is quite limited when it comes to creative promotional products.

Digital Printing

Digital printing allows you to reprint photo quality pictures on garments and promotional products and you don’t need to set up multiple screens for multiple colour prints, which means you save much more on setting up fees.

Digital printing is generally used on paper products or on items such as banners. It is now also possible to do digital printing on some plastics and ceramics though.

Embossing & Foil Printing

Mostly used on leather goods, EVA, and foam items, embossing consists of pressing an image into a material, leaving behind an indentation of your design. This process is also known as Blind Embossing.

Foil Printing has a similar process to Embossing, A metal block (die) is pressure stamped onto the product, usually with a gold or silver foil, that leaves a lasting impression of your design. This process can be done on Leather, Vinyl, Paper Cardboard, etc.


This is a very common type of enhancement used to stitch your logo or design onto fabric, mainly used for apparel, caps, bags, etc. You can have your embroidery done in either a classic 2D which is most common or you can have it raised so it becomes more 3-dimensional.

Embroidery is costed by the number or stitch counts in your design. As thread colours aren’t dyed to your desired PMS colour, the embroiderer will try to match your desired colour as close as possible, so slight variations are to be expected but this is commonly accepted as normal.


Engraving is the practice of incising a design onto a hard, usually flat surface, by cutting grooves into it. Engraving is done mainly used for Metal or Wooden items, such as products like stainless steel travel mugs, metal pens, metal keyrings, clocks, torches, photo frames, metal cups, cardholders, chopping boards – the list is endless.

Heat Transfers

Transferring images to a large variety of products without messy inks, by-products or screens is possible with Heat Transfer Technology.

The process involves us using your logo or design and then transferring the image from a specific printed paper onto your selected garment/product via heat. This process is fast and it lasts.

Pad Printing

This is the most popular decorating method used to print promotional products. The print can be matched to your specific PMS colour. Pad Printing is the best option when the item being printed has an irregular surface or variable texture.

The printing pads are made of silicon and function as a transfer vehicle, picking up ink from the printing plate and then pressing it onto the product.

Some common promotional items that are pad printed include USB drives, key rings, note pads, pedometers, pens, mugs, torches and golf balls.

Screen Printing

Screen printing is ideally suited for the printing of textiles and thin flat materials. Ink is pressed through a fine-mesh screen by the use of a squeegee, depositing a thick layer of ink onto the product. Unlike pad printing, there is a very little limitation as to the size of the print. Some common promotional items that are screen printed include conference satchels, bags, T-shirts, compendiums, umbrellas and paper bags.

How long does an order take?
Most items can delivered to you in 10-20 days, however we are able to supply some items much faster.
But if you have an urgent requirement please talk with our representatives – we will try to accommodate any urgent request that we have.